SONA 2021 focused on COVID-19, Vaccines & Economic Recovery, but lacked details

Highlights _________________________________________________________________________________
• The State of the Nation Address (Sona) 2021 contained no new plans.
• It focused on combatting COVID-19, its variant and securing vaccines, as well as implementing the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan.
• The emphasis was on infrastructure rollouts, an increase in local production (import substitution), employment stimulus and an increase in electricity generation.
• Other issues discussed included plans to fight corruption and gender-based violence.
• There was no reference to fiscal challenges, issues that will affect South Africa’s credit rating.
• A number of new bodies were established in areas where consensus is lacking.
• It seems as plans were made to accelerate economic reforms.

Background _______________________________________________________________________________

January 8th statement to the African National Congress (ANC)________________________________

Sona 2021____________________________________________________________


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