Taking Stock Autumn: doing Battle with COVID-19. What to do while the crisis rages?

The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed widespread panic and fear among investors, with many bailing out of the stock market and moving to cash. It’s human nature to want to act when our world gets shaken up, even more so when the future seems very uncertain. That is why it’s important to have an investment strategy that covers your investment bases so that you will avoid knee-jerk reactions when markets tank. For some, this may be a period when doing nothing may be prudent, while others such as pensioners in living annuities, may need to make adjustments to their financial plan with their advisor’s help.

Read the Ninety One (Investec) issue of Taking Stock for insights and strategies on how to manage the unfolding crisis online below:


or their PDF version: 91-SA-Taking-Stock-Autumn-2020-en


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