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About Us

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Ryan Roberts, in association with Momentum (an authorized Financial Service (6406) and Credited Provider), strives to protect and grow the Wealth of our clients, with achieving Financial Security and Independence through trusting personal relationships. With a support staff his Administrative Personal, Alyssa Lahner, Office Manager, as well as a Marketing Consultant and Industry Specialist, Ryan adheres to the fundamental fiduciary duties of Loyalty, Impartiality and Prudence.

The services provided are financially all encompassing with the following areas of focus:

1. Investment Planning
2. Estate Planning
3. Business Assurance
4. Employee Benefits
5. Retirement Planning
6. Structure Solutions

Ryan has over 20 years’ experience in the Financial Planning industry, and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ® with the Financial Planning Institute (FPI). In 1999 Ryan qualified as a Registered International Portfolio Manager on the London and Johannesburg Stock Exchange. More recently Ryan has passed the Regulatory Examinations as defined by the Financial Services Board.

Benefit of Using a Planner

Keep it simple

What’s in it for me?

A financial planner helps you:

  • Set realistic financial and personal goals
  • Assess your current financial health by examining your assets, liability, income, insurance, taxes, investments and estate plan
  • Develop a realistic, comprehensive plan to meet your financial goals by addressing financial weaknesses and building on financial strengths
  • Put your plan into action and monitor its process
  • Stay on track to meet changing goals, personal circumstances, stage of your life, products, markets and tax laws


How do you know if you could benefit from the services of a financial planner? You may not have the expertise, the time or the desire to actively plan and manage certain financial aspects of your life. And in today’s hectic world, it can be beneficial to have a financial planning expert help to make sure you stay focused and follow through with your financial plans.

Often a specific event or need will trigger the desire for professional financial guidance. These might include:

  • Making sure your money will last during retirement or rolling over a retirement plan
  • Handling the inheritance of a large sum of money or other unexpected financial windfall
  • Preparing for a marriage or divorce
  • Planning for the birth or adoption of a child
  • Facing a financial crisis such as a serious illness, layoff or natural disaster
  • Caring for aging parents or a disabled child
  • Coping financially with the death of a spouse or close family member
  • Funding education
  • Buying, selling or passing on a family business

If you have the time and knowledge – and your financial situation is not too complicated – you may be able to do a lot of it on your own. However, there are some situations where you may find you need a financial planner, such as:

  • You have little or no experience with finances;
  • You don’t have the inclination to do it;
  • You want an objective, outside perspective;
  • You have a complex financial situation; or –

And this is usually the biggest obstacle for “do-it-yourself” –

  • You don’t have the time