Update on coronavirus (COVID-19)

As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread worldwide, with more than 100 countries impacted, in excess of 110 000
reported cases, and South Africa now having reported a number of confirmed cases of coronavirus, it is important to note
the following key points from the World Health Organisation (WHO): “We need to remember that with decisive, early
action, we can slow down the virus and prevent infections. Among those who are infected, most will recover.”

How is coronavirus spread?
The main route of transmission is via respiratory droplets when an infected
person coughs or sneezes, similar to how the flu virus is spread. The virus can
also be spread through personal contact and if you touch contaminated objects
which an infected person has previously touched.
What do you do if you suspect that you may have coronavirus?
You should make telephone contact with your family doctor who will be able to
identify if you have the common cold or flu or if your symptoms resemble
coronavirus symptoms. Remember to tell your doctor about any recent travel. If
your doctor suspects you have coronavirus, they will contact the NICD clinical
hotline to discuss your case and make appropriate arrangements for the next
Should it be appropriate, the NICD will arrange for tests to be done at specific
NICD laboratories. Once there is a confirmed diagnosis, the NICD will arrange for
their accredited emergency transport services to transport the infected person to
specific hospitals for treatment and/or quarantine.

Cover for coronavirus in South Africa
Momentum Medical Scheme will cover the cost of diagnosis and treatment for
confirmed COVID-19 cases, irrespective of your chosen benefit option. This cover
will include benefits for both in and out-of-hospital. While the Scheme will
provide benefits for private hospitalisation when a member with a confirmed
diagnosis is symptomatic and needs to be admitted to hospital in terms of the
WHO and NICD protocols for coronavirus, the NICD is currently managing the
process for all confirmed cases in South Africa in an effort to protect the public
and control the spread of the virus in the country. The NICD has established
hospitals in each province to assist patients and manage the quarantine process.
This means that the NICD will decide where people are admitted or quarantined.
We can confirm, after discussions with private hospitals, that they are equipped
to treat patients. However, the NICD may insist on the use of an approved State
facility to treat members.


Cover for coronavirus whilst travelling internationally
In January 2020, the WHO declared the outbreak of coronavirus as a public
health emergency of international concern. In line with this, WHO recommends
that all non-essential international travel be postponed or cancelled due to the
risk of coronavirus globally.
Further to this WHO recommendation, if it is essential that you travel, and cannot
postpone or cancel your travel arrangements, Momentum Medical Scheme will
provide cover outside of South Africa for coronavirus, provided you pre-notify us
before leaving South Africa. You can pre-notify via email at
member@momentumhealth.co.za or by calling us on 0860 11 78 59.

Yours sincerely
Momentum Medical Scheme

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