Medical Aid

The Value of Choice

Choice is key to offering options tailored to the diverse healthcare needs of its consumers. Matching members’ needs with the options that is right for them is not always that easy, in particular when affordability weighs just as heavily as the need for adequate healthcare cover. The Momentum Health Provider Choice model is a perfect example of how members can benefit from the value of choice by agreeing to use specific providers. The Provider Choice model applies to the Custom, Incentive and Extender Options.

Adding Value

In recognition of the needs expressed by our members in the ever-changing healthcare arena, Momentum Health adds value to its core offering through a variety of supporting initiatives. The Health Saver, a product that attracts no administration or transaction fees, allows members to provide for additional healthcare expenses according to their needs and pocket. The HealthReturns program pays members up to R1,800 a year (R3,600 if they are also on Multiply and maintain the top two activitiy levels) for being active and undergoing a free Health Assessment. These are just two of the many additional benefits available to our members.

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