Business Assurance

All businesses need to identify any needs and formulate a strategy to address these needs. Having done this, the business will be in balance. Once you are aware of a need and fully informed of all the risks involved, you are able to make an informed decision whether to put a solution in place or to ignore it. This is called “balancing” the needs and solutions.

Business Continuity:

Where business owners want to make timely provision for the purchase of their interest in a business at a fair market value by a willing and able buyer.

Suretyship Protection

Providing cost-effective finance that to secure the release of personal guarantees that owners are normally required to sign on behalf of their businesses when raising finance.

Income Replacement

A plan to ensure against the potentially high cost of continuing to pay an owner his/her income if he/she becomes disabled and is unable to actively contribute to the running of the business.

Loan account redemption

A structure plan to redeem the credit loan account of an owner or a director in order to create a growth asset while not adversely affecting the business’s liquidity or

Business overheads Protector

An insurance plan to protect a business owner against the potentially crippling cost of financing the normal fixed business expenses while he/she is disabled and unable to earn an income.

Key person Insurance

A Plan to insure against the high cost of recruiting, relocating, retaining and replacing the profit generated by the permanent absence of an important employee.

Loan account Protection

Raising finance through life insurance so that a business can repay a loan, an owner or director, made on that person’s untimely death or permanent disability.

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